What Options Do You Have For A Missing Tooth?

What Options Do You Have For A Missing Tooth?

Missing a tooth as an adult can be stressful and anxiety inducing. Because of that, you’re likely going to be looking at the options that you have in regards to the bigger picture. How can you be sure that you’ve got everything together? Can you get replacement teeth and how can you be sure that you get it all sorted out in a manner that is helpful and useful? Here are some options.

Dental Implants

Many people turn to dental implants brooklyn as their main option. This is because a dental implant is, essentially, how your dentist is able to put prosthetic teeth into your mouth without any problems. It attaches to your jaw and it’s where your dentist can install a crown, dentures, a bridge, or other prosthetic devices.


If you still have some of your tooth, then a veneer may be an option for you. You are, essentially, putting a layer of material (typically porcelain or composite) over your tooth. Not only does that protect the rest of your tooth from being damaged, but it also allows you to have a fuller, nicer smile, even if you are missing part of a tooth.

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Other Options

If you’re missing a tooth, you can also get braces or other orthodontic work in order to fill in the space. Your dentist may also have other suggestions that you can utilize, just talk to them and see what they recommend for your particular case.

As you can see, there are a lot of options here and you want to be sure that you explore what is available. Figure out what makes the most sense for your purposes and ensure that you’ve got the resources you need from your dental professional so that you can make a solid decision.

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